Our goal is to help you turn the home of your dreams into a reality.

Welcome to our world and the world of nature. Please e-mail us, give us a call, or visit us at the TEAM 7 flagship store. Our team of highly trained and committed interior design consultants is waiting for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, or arrange an appointment for a time that suits you.

Please find our contact information below, or use our contact form.

Store manager Olaf Müller from TEAM 7 Hamburg City

Olaf Müller

Leiter Flagshipstore Hamburg City
Interior Designer
Phone: +49 40 3290871-0

"Working together with diverse people to create solutions that are both sensible and practical
is what makes working at TEAM 7 so exciting. As a trained carpenter, I get a great sense of joy from the furniture that surrounds me every day in my work."

My favorite furniture: yps table

Miriam Schulz from TEAM 7 Hamburg City

Miriam Schulz

Interior Designer
Phone: +49 40 3290871-0

"The opportunity to respond to every customer’s individual requirements, working together with TEAM 7 and the customer to find the right solution - that is what I find most inspiring about my work."

My favorite furniture: flaye table

Heiko Becker from TEAM 7 Hamburg City

Heiko Becker

Interior Designer
Phone: +49 40 3290871-0

My favorite furniture: aos sleeping system

"Since my earliest childhood, I have been surrounded by TEAM 7’s furniture. Perhaps this accounts for my love of wood, which has also significantly influenced my choice of profession. As a trained timber technologist and designer, I appreciate the flexibility of TEAM 7’s production methods – individually customised for each order – and the many careful details of the solid wood furniture."

Nanna Gneveckow Weber from TEAM 7 Hamburg City

Nanna Gneveckow-Weber

Phone: +49 40 3290871-0

"I want to be a competent contact for all our customers and will take care of whatever you need after your purchase from TEAM 7."

My favorite furniture: cubus living




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